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Nuance leadership Inc. is dedicated to helping schools at all levels create, improve, or supplement their leadership development programming. We offer close to 100 workshops and simulations, you can add to your programming; conference and retreat planning services, and access to a wide variety of North America’s most dynamic leadership speakers, educators and facilitators.

Nuance increased the capacity of our Leadership program tenfold. The Nuance speakers were accessible for both the audience and my budget. Their commitment to good speakers takes the worry out of booking.

- Mark Solomon, Manager of Student Development, Seneca College

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Over 100 workshops and simulations, and access to numerous leadership speakers, educators and facilitators

Nuance Workshops and Programming

Nuance is connected to a large network of leadership development professionals, speakers, facilitators, and personal coaches. We are constantly connecting with new associates to ensure our programming includes some of the most dynamic and exciting minds in their respective fields. Working with Nuance will give you the opportunity to bring leaders from a wide variety of disciplines to share ideas and insights with your organization.


Our team is dedicated to making sure the planning of your leadership development programming is easier, and will provide greater impact, than ever before.

We offer close to 100 different programming options in the following categories:

Simulation Activities

We offer a number of immersive leadership simulations that last anywhere from an hour to a half-day. Move beyond a “workshop” and truly challenge your team to develop and utilize a wide variety of leadership skills. Explore issues like power, ethics, equity, collaboration and conflict in a hands-on, fast-paced environment.

Exploring Leadership

Our exploring leadership workshops aim to help participants explore and understand their own perspectives on (and approaches to) leadership, and how they impact their interactions with others and with their environment. These workshops give participants a chance to explore how leadership has been studied, understood and explained throughout history, and let them delve deeper towards a better understanding of their own personality, work and leadership styles.

Social Issues

Nuance offers a wide variety of workshops that focus on contemporary issues that are sure to challenge young leaders as they move into the future. These workshops aim to provide participants with a deeper understanding of global social issues and a way to relate those issues to their own values and goals. Our facilitators aim to help participants investigate, analyze, and seek to understand the many common inequities impacting societies around the world, and take action to address those inequities.

Personal Development

Our personal development workshops are designed to help participants develop as individuals by focusing on skills and perspectives they can utilize every day. We provide opportunities to learn how to communicate more effectively, facilitate group meetings, deal with conflict in a constructive way, manage personal finances, deliver presentations to a group, manage time and stress more effectively and many other skills.

Organizational Development

While leadership is more than simply holding influential positions in an organization, there is no doubt that the ability to be a positive influence on an organization is an important skill. Our organizational development workshops are designed to provide participants with the skills necessary to contribute positively to the leadership of groups. From event planning to sponsorship; budgeting to volunteer management, we aim to offer participants the opportunity to work with industry leaders to learn how to better position organizations for success.

Innovation and Creativity

Is it more important to “think outside the box” or recognize that “there is no box”? Our innovation and creativity workshops help participants explore the process of creating ideas, and focus on providing tools that help keep teams excited and engaged in the process of leadership.

Personal Branding and Social Media

In a world where “you are what you tweet”, it’s crucial to understand the rapidly changing facets of the world of social media. Our Personal Branding and Social Media workshops call on industry experts to share their perspectives on effective leadership in the age of instantaneous information.

Email info@nuanceleadership.ca or call 1-855-685-3253 to speak with a representative and explore what specific programming would be the best fit for your needs.


Programming that helps students better understand themselves and their organizations.

Conference & Retreat Planning

  • Are you getting the most out of your organization’s training or transition retreats?
  • Do your conferences provide programming that leaves delegates blown away?
  • Are your facilitators professionals who have presented their content multiple times, or are they staff and students who had to put together a workshop in between their other work and study commitments?
  • Can you offer whatever content your delegates want or need, or are you limited to the topics on which someone at your campus can present?

Nuance Leadership can help you make your conferences and retreats truly transformative experiences.
Nuance can provide you with individual workshops for a conference, or a full day or more of carefully constructed activities for a retreat.  You identify the learning outcomes you’re looking for, and Nuance will work with you to tailor activities and simulations that deliver real results!
You can set aside one or two days in your retreat, and just let us know where you hope your organization will be at the end.  We take care of all the work, offering full days of highly interactive programming that focus on:

  • Your organization’s purpose and vision
  • Team building and exploring your team’s group dynamics
  • Interpersonal communication and conflict resolution
  • Equity and intercultural communication and understanding
  • Logistical issues (sponsorship acquisition, event planning, risk management)
  • Wherever your biggest needs lie!

Not everyone in the group needs to cover the same topics, or you want to offer concurrent sessions? No problem at all! Nuance can take care of booking all of the necessary facilitators for the workshops you choose.
Retreats and conferences are major investments – let Nuance help you make sure yours are as meaningful and valuable as possible.
Email info@nuanceleadership.ca or call 1-855-685-3253 to learn more about how Nuance can help you with your next retreat or conference.


Programming that improves interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and logistical planning



Feel free to contact us for more information on our services, and to discuss your specific leadership development needs.
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